Prime Time Dads

Af Filppu & Len
  • Bright Lights Press
  • 2013
  • 0
  • Sproget er ikke defineret
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  • 9781939555090

&quote;When faced with first-time fatherhood at the age of 49, I didn't know whether to celebrate with champagne... or hemlock. But it's turned out to be the best thing I've ever done,&quote; writes author Len Filppu in PRIME TIME DADS: 45 Reasons to Embrace Midlife Fatherhood. PRIME TIME DADS puts forth in humorous, heartfelt, real-life essays the radical notion that mature men are well-suited for the foxhole of fatherhood, that rather than being just better late than never, midlife fatherhood can actually be better later. PRIME TIME DADS is must reading for men of all ages contemplating fatherhood, and especially for the women who love them. Ladies, give PRIME TIME DADS to the mature men in your life who could use an encouraging, enlightening word about later-blooming fatherhood. Based on real life experiences, offbeat observations, and Visine-eyed views from the frenzied foxhole of fatherhood, this book gives men who are in their prime years a laugh or two, something to think about, and a positive, encouraging look at the advantages mature, older guys have over younger men on the crazy, exciting journey of fatherhood. Not every man who can grow hair more effectively from his ears than his scalp should become a father. Parenthood is serious business, and the world already has enough part-time parents and delinquent dads. But mature men, and especially the women who love them, who are sincere about considering the awesome responsibilities and rich rewards of parenthood will find true life encouragement and inspiration in PRIME TIME DADS. &quote;This is the best time of my life and, for me, later in life is my prime time for fatherhood,&quote; says PRIME TIME DADS author Len Filppu.