Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought

  • 2014
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  • 9781291997835

A Political Insider's Account of How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought. Donnachadh McCarthy, former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, describes how a corporate elite have captured Britain's democracy. Legions of former and current British politicians are in the pay of corporations. Party political funding is awash with tax-haven donors. Our media has been hijacked by 5 right-wing billionaires. Academia is being captured by corporate interests. The production of thought, the dissemination of thought, the implementation of thought and the wealth arising from those thoughts, are now controlled by a tiny,rich elite. The UK is no longer a functioning democracy but The Prostitute State. This State has 4 Pillars:A Corrupted Political System, A Prostituted Media, A Perverted Academia and A Thieving Tax-Haven System. It has resulted in wealth flooding from the poor to the top 1% and in ecological destruction. This book is a clarion call for A Great 21st Century Democratic Reform Act.