Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Disease, Part B

  • Academic Press
  • 2018
  • 0
  • English
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  • 9780128143438

Protein-Protein Interactions in Human Disease, Volume 111, Part B, promotes further research and development in the protein interaction network in order to identify critical proteins involved in the etiology of human diseases and locate new protein targets for drug development. Thus, this volume is of considerable interest to protein chemists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, immunologists, structural biologists, computational biochemists and other researchers working in the field. In addition, these articles would be of great benefit to medical, biology and pharmacology students who specialize in this field.

  • Describes advances in the application of powerful techniques in studying and analyzing protein-protein interactions
  • Ideal for a wide audience of researchers, specialists and students
  • Written by authorities in their field
  • Contains a number of high quality illustrations, figures and tables that support the presented information