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The Psychology of Success


Talent. Everybody has it, but just how good are you at using it?

Talented people don’t believe in reaching their peak – they live a life that crests on any number of new and different waves. Some of these peaks may be higher than others, some offer totally different challenges and rewards, but whatever stage of life they’re at they see no reason why they can’t fulfil their potential to reach a new high. 

The Psychology of Success shows how you too can live a life of many peaks. By speaking to a wide range of people who have experienced both success and failure, Judith Leary-Joyce has uncovered the secrets of serial achievement. Some of these people have already achieved many different career and life peaks, some are still getting there and others have resigned themselves to never making it. By drawing on these studies, and her extensive experience as a psychologist and business coach, Judith sets out a clear path for you to follow in your quest to live the most satisfying and rewarding life you can.

This book will help you:

  • Identify the emotional drivers that help you move forward and those that hold you back
  • Explore the attitudes of real life people who are successful and what can be learned from their experience
  • Address your assumptions about life and work, and discover how to ‘peak’ in different ways, at different times
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