Public Private Partnership for Desertification Control in Inner Mongolia

  • Springer
  • 2019
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  • English
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  • 9789811374999

In terms of China’s current situation, the prevention and control of land degradation and the development of innovative sustainable land management activities lie within the purview of public works. Further, public-private partnerships (PPPs) hold considerable potential for application in this field. Inner Mongolia is one of the Chinese provinces hardest hit by land degradation. Fortunately, after years of dedicated efforts, meaningful achievements have been made: the increasing participation of the people as a whole, combined with growing investments in land degradation prevention and ecological construction on the part of private enterprises, has to some extent compensated for the lack of government involvement. Further, Inner Mongolia has been a pioneer in the use of PPPs for the prevention and control of land degradation, which has yielded numerous ecological, social and economic benefits. To better promote the development of ecological construction and expand the participation in land degradation control, this book systematically studies the use of PPPs in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, drawing on field investigations and case analyses to do so. Its main goal is to explore a public-private partnership model that can effectively expand the scale of investment in land degradation prevention and sustainable land management.