Pulse of My Heart

  • Behler Publications
  • 2017
  • 0
  • English
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781933016887

Patty O'Mara-Croft's "widowmaker" heart attack was a cruel assault on her body, threatening the happiest years of her life. Originally misdiagnosed as a panic attack, common among women who suffer heart attacks, Patty's heart suffers permanent damage, and her precarious condition threatens to raze all joy and hope between Patty and her husband, Brian.

In a recounting both informative and inspirational, heartbreaking and funny, Patty and Brian share their stories from their own unique perspectives—the first-person account of painful revelations and medical struggles and a loved one's experience of despair, hope, and renewal.

Families in medical crisis are getting sucker-punched every day and need help from those who overcame it and emerge stronger than before. The dual voice of both authors represents a love that flourishes, even as Patty's health weakens and is no longer a viable candidate for a heart transplant.

Pulse of My Heart is part medical mystery, part comedy of errors, part family drama, and an enduring love story.

The field notes at the back of the book focus on:

  • The sometimes-strained relationship between doctors and patient
  • Preparing for anticipatory grief
  • The potential for addiction when narcotics are part of the drug protocol
  • Dealing with familial strife during a time of need
  • Struggling with others' prayers when one's own faith is strained
  • Trying to maintain some level of dignity in an utterly undignified environment
  • Finding ways to be an effective parent in a blended family when illness demands so much attention