Qualitative Research In Practice

  • Open University Press
  • 2002
  • Paperback
  • 219
  • mul
  • 1
  • 9780335211470

"Qualitative Research in Practice is a book we have all been waiting for. The authors have shared with us their stories about the qualitative research process while linking their experiences to theory and practice in human services. The difficulties, successes and new pathways created by their research findings shed new light on the complex journey qualitative researchers embark on with every new research project." - Professor Gay Edgecombe, Director of International Studies for Nursing and Public Health, RMIT University, Australia

"I would recommend this book to my students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I believe that after reading this book, students will no longer be frightened by qualitative research and will have an interest and enthusiasm in trying it out." - Professor Joyce L.C. Ma, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Qualitative Research in Practice bridges the gap between theory and practice in research, and between the academic and practice contexts in the human services. The focus is on 'doing' research and 'being' a researcher, rather than on 'how to do' research.

The authors provide an introduction to qualitative research through actual research projects that illustrate key stages in the research process. They draw on experiences of research undertaken in a variety of human service areas by researchers in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong. These 'stories from the field' are framed by broader discussions by the authors of the research process.

The researchers' stories reveal the human face of research undertaken in often difficult contexts: with homeless people, with disabled people, in nursing homes, with victims of domestic violence, and with adopted children. We see how these researchers have dealt with the many obstacles they faced in their research projects, and how they developed innovative solutions.

Qualitative Research in Practice is a collection of 'practice wisdom' that makes an ideal companion to conventional research methods texts for students and practitioners doing research in social work, welfare, community health, counselling and related fields.

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