Radiology of Peripheral Vascular Diseases

  • Springer
  • 2012
  • Elektronisk medie
  • English
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  • 9783642569562

Over the last decade, important advances have been made in the radiological man­ agement of peripheral vascular diseases. In the diagnostic field, the role of con­ ventional angiography has diminished considerably in favor of new, non-invasive diagnostic modalities such as color Doppler imaging and magnetic resonance angiography. Percutaneous radiological treatment of arterial diseases of the limbs has revolu­ tionized therapeutic concepts in this area. Professor E. Zeitler is a renowned international expert in the field of peripheral He was one of the pioneers in investigating and developing per­ vascular diseases. cutaneous catheter treatment of arterial stenosis of peripheral arteries. This volume is based upon his unique lifetime's experience of treating patients presenting with peripheral vascular diseases. Moreover, Professor Zeitler was very successful in engaging a group of excellent authors, all specialists in their field, to contribute individual chapters. Together, they have suceeded in producing one of the most comprehensive books on the modern radiological approach to patients with peripheral vascular diseases. It is my firm belief that this volume will be of great interest to radiologists, angiologists, and vascular surgeons alike by providing them with the latest knowl­ edge and information in the field of radiology. I wish this volume the same success as the many other volumes already published in the book series "Medical Radiology." Any constructive criticism that the reader may wish to affer is welcomed.