Reach Down Grab Your Pair And Start Living

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  • 2011
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  • 9781618422712

Have you ever desired more in life? A bigger house? A nicer car? Wanted to be part of the in crowd and party with all the beautiful ladies? Well why aren't you doing it? This book is a self-improvement guide to assisting you in getting you the desire, the nerve and the willingness to change your life and get what you really want out of it! STARTING TODAY. I myself have been on a quest for knowledge studying various industries and motivational speakers. I always felt that if I learned just one new thing from what ever I studied, listened to, or read, it was worth it. Well, this book is a compilation of various things I have learned in life. Think some guys who may be considered &quote;NERDS&quote; in life have beautiful ladies on their arms?.Why does that guy you know have that successful business that you know you can run? Really, they are not better or more qualified than you. They have just worked towards it. I am here to help you work towards your dreams and goals in hopes that some day we may meet up and party together with a plethora of beautiful ladies surrounding us. Good luck on your quest. Don' t give up and let's party together soon. (Warning this book does contain explicit content based on some events in my past life)