Af Aridas & Chris
  • Galilee Trade
  • 2011
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  • 9780307768797

Here is a practical, pastoral book for all Catholic Christians--laity as well as clergy--to foster renewed understanding and practive of the sacrement of reconciliation. The most thorough and informative handbook of its kind, Reconciliation is at once informative, intstructive, and pastorally sound.The author presents a detailed and fascinating historical overview of sin and confession from biblical times to the present; a theological analysis of the evolution and meaning of the sacrement in the life of Christian community; the actual Rite of Penance promulgated since Vatican II; the Church's guidelines for the new celebration; prayers for individual as well as communcal reconciliation; biblical readings; prayers for inner healing; helpful steps on making an examination of conscience; and a section of Questions and Answers covering just about every situation or concern one is likely to experience.Clergy, religious counselors, lay people young and old will find in this book new meaning and new spirit for celebrating one of the Church's most important and (re)vivifying sacarements. No parish should be without it!