Release 2.0: Issue 1

  • Radar
  • 2007
  • 21
  • eng
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  • 9780596516741

&quote;An astute observer can note the faint signals of the coming future, extrapolate from them, and begin to divine the business implications.&quote; Tim O'ReillyIn this inagural issue of Release 2.0, we hope to begin to give you insight into what the alpha geeks are doing today that will be crucial to your business two or more years from now. Who has begun to understand the new rules of business, the unexpected transformations of leverage that will create new winners and losers? What are those rules? And whether you're an entrepreneur, an investor, or a corporate technology strategist, how can you apply them to create value for your business?Topics in this issue include:A Simple Story - What if Web 2.0 stopped being a buzzterm and started making sense?People or Computers - Data is at the core of Web 2.0. Now let's argue about the best way to capture it.More. better. Now! - Continuous iterative development is one of the mantras of Web 2.0, but its influence goes way beyond.One Person Per Blog - It's a joke, it's not quite true, and those who believe it are missing an opportunity.The Canon: A Look at Designing Interactions, by Bill Moggridge, MIT Press