Report on the off-Street Parking (Functions of District Councils) Bill

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  • 2015
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  • 9780339605497

The Off-street Parking (Functions of District Councils) Bill was introduced in the Northern Ireland Assembly on 13th October 2014 was referred to the Committee for Regional Development the Committee/CRD) for consideration on completion of the Second Stage of the Bill on 21st October 2014. Whilst the Committee supports the principle of the Bill, Members have expressed reservations with regards to the scheme of transfer. The Committee will be seeking assurances from the Minister and his Executive colleagues in respect of these concerns, which include protection of the assets transferring, financial top-slicing, the condition of car parks being transferred, communication and provision of information and the principle of rates neutrality. Members are also highly critical of the Minister and his official's non-cooperation with the Committee with regards to the turn-around of papers and information during the course of the Committee, particularly as the Minister had requested passage through the Committee Stage within 30 days to allow his Department to seek Royal Assent before the transfer date of 1st April 2015.

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