Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • John Wiley & Sons P&T
  • 2017
  • 0
  • English
  • 1
  • 9781119470076

A comprehensive introduction to research methods and best practices for designing,conducting, interpreting, and reporting findings

This text is designed to develop in students a passion for conducting research and an understanding of the practical value of systematic information- gathering and decision-making. It features step-by-step coverage of the research process including research design, statistical considerations, and guidance on writing up and presenting results.

Recognized leaders in the field—authors Bart Weathington, Christopher Cunningham, and David Pittenger—present:

  • Introductions to multiple research designs—including single-participant, multi-group, longitudinal, correlational, and experimental designs—accompanied by examples

  • Bibliographic research and methods for appropriate sampling

  • Identifying, developing, and evaluating reliable and valid approaches to measurement

  • The issues and steps common to all single-factor and multifactor studies, as well as single-subject and nonexperimental methods

  • How to summarize research in writing that conforms to the editorial guidelines of the American Psychological Association

A comprehensive review of research methods and the statistical concepts that support them, Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences offers the best techniques for studying behavior and social phenomena.