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Roman Lyric


Francis Cairns has made well-known contributions to the study of Roman Epic and Elegy. Papers on Catullus and Horace assembles his substantial body of work on Roman Lyric -about 30papers published between 1969 and 2010 in many European and American periodicals, themed volumes and Festschriften, along with somenew papers.

Many aspects of the lyric poetry of Catullus and Horace are treated in this collection. Particular emphasis is given to the political and religious interests of both poets, to their interactions with their contemporaries, to the ‛learning’ which informs their poetry, and to their generic practices. Philological problems of text and interpretation are treated pari passu, as are relevant aesthetic questions. The volume is fully indexed and contains a composite bibliography and addenda and corrigenda.
Papers on Catullus and Horace will make access to this body of important scholarly material easier and more convenient for scholars and students of Latin poetry.

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