Sales Secrets of the World's Superstar Lawyers

  • First Edition Design Publishing
  • 2014
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  • eng
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  • 9781622875658

Michael says:The profession is overcrowded and there are now more lawyers on this planet than soldiers. If you want to attract more clients, you have to stand out from the crowd. Many legal firms big and small are struggling to some extent. Some lawyers are just staying afloat and many are going broke! Great selling skills will lay the foundation for tomorrow's sales successAs lawyers we now have to treat every new client like gold, and give them the best customer service experience ever!Are you ready to break away from the crowd?In this short and straight to the point book, Michael reveals some of the best kept secrets about selling legal services from superstar lawyers around the world. Whether you are a law student, a lawyer employee, or run your own multi-million dollar law firm, this guide has the power to boost your business and personal success in the game of law.