Seen Sean?

Af Crigler & Jim
  • Jim Crigler Books
  • 2012
  • 0
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  • 9780615618296

When Senator Charles Jamison dies in an apparent accident in Afghanistan, some people grieve, some celebrate, and the federal investigation into his corruption begins a controlled shutdown. But when Sean McCloskey, an Atlanta teenager, overhears conspirators saying Jamison was murdered, he neither rejoices nor mourns. He disappears. Detective John Mason is assigned to find Sean, but no one has a clue - not his mother, not his sister, not his friends - until Sean begins calling home every day. His cell phone is only turned on for a few minutes at at time, but the location trace shows him calling from unpredictable, random places all over metro Atlanta and beyond. But the police aren't the only people looking for Sean. Can Mason discover the link between Sean's disappearance and the dead senator's? Can he find Sean before the cabal? Will the conspiracy be unmasked? Will justice finally be served?Seen Sean? is the second book in the Mason & Penfield Mysteries.