Sekhmet Rising

Af Lebrun & Louise
  • BookBaby
  • 2016
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  • 9780978395094

About the Book ProjectMy life is filled with amazing women! The work I do invites women to discover more about themselves and what is meaningful for them. It also demands that we recognize that women must lead us into the future. The Sekhmet Rising Book Project is our first step in that direction. Over more than 25 years of working with women, I've been honoured to be part of their journeys of discovery. I've watched as so many have arrived with their heads down and their voices either completely silent or so soft that they could hardly be heard. I've witnessed women whose outer silence and inner scream have created chronic and debilitating life-threatening diseases of body and mind; and have dimmed their Spirit to nothing more than a ghost of who they might be. And yet, through it all, I also watched in amazement as they turned their lives around - unwilling to go quietly and silently into their own disappearance. Sekhmet Rising: The Restlessness of Women's Genius gives a voice to the journeys of these amazing women that will be heard 'round the world! Each of their stories is not just the evidential trail of their own growth and evolution, it is both an invitation and a road map to help other women claim their own lives. This is just the beginning Over the years, a WEL-Systems perspective has supported thousands in profoundly changing their lives - by themselves! No gurus, experts or masters required. And what has been essential is for each of these women to WAKE UP and stay awake to the internal cues that guide them powerfully through their own lives. The rest takes care of itself. The energy that is Sekhmet has resulted in an awakening - a quickening - in the lives of all those connected to this book project. This energy is of the kind that causes us to stand in the Stillpoint and see, hear and know what is meaningful in our lives - and engage! For more information, I invite you to read a brief Story of Sekhmet. The Institute's Declaration of Evolution by Intention includes a recognition that we are '...A call to women to lead; and an invitation to men to relax into a different way of moving through the world.&quote; Unless and until women find within themselves the courage to design their own lives, there is no room for men to discover new ways of being for themselves. Women must take back both the right and the responsibility for creating their own lives. It takes great courage to do this - but it takes great courage to live lives of quiet desperation and get up, every day, and face another lifeless day. Imagine who we might become if we were to choose to redirect that strength and courage and shape what we want for ourselves!The power for us to redesign our world lives within the unspoken sounds that we carry. It lives deep inside each of us - where we live - pressing for us to ENGAGE! There is no more powerful way to do so than to listen to the voice of who we are and find ways for it to be heard. Louise LeBrun Project Creator