Sergeant Lamb's America

  • RosettaBooks
  • 2014
  • 339
  • eng
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  • 9780795336935

<p>The first in a two-book series, <i>Sergeant Lambs America </i>tells the story Sergeant Roger Lamb, an Irish soldier who served on the British side during the American War of Independence. Based on real historical events and people, Sergeant Lamb recounts the British defeat and the capture of his unit at the Battle of Saratoga in a voice thats both funny, insightful, and wise.</p><br><p>This fictionalized account is based on the journals of the historical Sergeant Roger Lamb, and is largely faithful to the true eyewitness account of the American Revolution told from the losers perspective. With his engaging, personable voice and basic decency of character, Sergeant Lamb reminds us that regardless of how history casts the British side, there were good men on both sides of this important conflict.</p>