Seriously Supercharge Your Karma

  • BookBaby
  • 2016
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  • 9781483585475

Millions of people know that there is something mystical about the world and the fact that we even exist; something science is, as yet, unable to explain. Various religions that claim to possess some knowledge all appear to have different procedures, ceremonies, and even deities. The result is that the average person has just about given up with them all. How can they all be right? This confusing dilemma has fascinated the author since he was a young lad, and over decades he gradually, piece by piece, unearthed a covert scientific system that has always existed and belongs to everyone, yet somehow has become hidden from so many of us. Amazingly, anyone who is drawn to it can engage with it and obtain the highest possible outcome. This narrative is all about reality; a reality that is quite different from the one most people know. It is about a deep and mystical system that has been repeatedly lost and revived over and over again since the beginning of humanity. It goes to the very core of the reason for our very existence and how any person whatsoever really can use this knowledge to their incredible benefit.