Shadow of the Wolves

Af Roberts & P.B.
  • BookBaby
  • 2013
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  • 9781483515618

It is the year 1922. A little girl is found abandoned and left to die in the Tennessee swamplands. A brutal and senseless killing that nearly took her young life causes her to internalize the raw and primal instincts of the canis lupus, or wild wolf. Gentle and spiritual in nature, Jennifer matures into womanhood and exhibits the appearance and life of a normal human being. However, beneath the surface and awaiting the perfect trigger, rests raw and primal instincts which are drawn to wild life more than the common civility of the local town business. For her, temptation arrives one night in a form that is both animal and human. It is a night when her husband is away and it becomes a supernatural experience, one that will change things for Jennifer, for her husband, and the entire town - and for the gray wolves who have sought refuge from harm - with help from her. But can she help them without falling prey herself? And what about the child she may be carrying - the one a local doctor told her was not possible? Is it human or a combination of her deepest desires? What would she want it to be? -----------------------------Please note that although there are elements of a Supernatural/Paranormal nature in the story, as well as limited yet explicit erotica, SHADOW OF THE WOLVES is a character-driven story that does not belie a sensitive and challenging account of its heroine, Jennifer Workman. Abandoned and left to die in the swamplands of 1922 Tennessee as an infant, we follow her plight into womanhood and her fierce and relentless struggle against the storms of this enigma called life. We follow her dreams, her goals, her hopes. We applaud her blatant stand against the rigid male chauvinism of the times, 1947 Montana. All in all, Jennifer Workman is seeking her 'place in the sun'. And that place does not seem to be amongst society as we know it. Enter the wild wolf. With the fulfillment of her dreams just 'over the next hill', her greatest challenge will present itself when the Angel of Death that tried to take her life as a tiny tot, comes full circle to finish the job. The appearance of a werewolf or any other form of creature in the story takes place solely for the protection of the heroine at a life-threatening moment and not for the sake of sensationalism.