Silent Assassin

  • Pinnacle Books
  • 2013
  • 384
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780786029921

&quote;Silent Assassin has everything a thriller reader wants.&quote; --Ben Coes, national bestselling author of The Last Refuge&quote;A terrifyingly thrilling story.&quote; -- Michele McPhee, author of A Mob StoryIn this electrifying novel of relentless suspense, Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney unleashes an unthinkable conspiracy from the deepest corridors of power. . . Silent AssassinCode named Cobra, former CIA agent Dan Morgan is pulled in when every other option has failed. His mission: find Nikolai Novokoff, a ruthless KGB officer turned international arms dealer. Locate the weapons of mass destruction that the rogue terrorist is threatening to unleash on the world. And terminate with extreme prejudice. . . In the world of clandestine ops, where the line between friends and enemies is constantly shifting, especially in the halls of Washington, Morgan must survive a merciless maze of deceit--and risk everything--to stop a madman. Praise for Termination Orders &quote;This kind of authenticity can only come from an insider.&quote; --John Gilstrap&quote;Leo J. Maloney is a real-life Jason Bourne.&quote;--Josh Zwylen, Wicked Local Stoneham&quote;A must-read thriller of torture, assassination, and double agents, where nothing is as it seems.&quote; --Jon Renaud, author of Dereliction of Duty&quote;A high-powered thriller. . .tense and terrifying!&quote; --Hank Phillippi Ryan