Small Machines

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  • 2011
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  • 9781617927959

It's not easy being a 20th century private eye in 23rd century London. Sebastian Poe realised this first hand long ago, but when you're obsessed with living in black and white, wearing a fedora and trenchcoat and doing your best to ignore all technological advances of the last two hundred years, trivial matters like profitability and personal hygiene go out the window. So when he gets a new client, who's rich, stunningly beautiful and needs his help finding the killers of her twice dead husband, he throws himself at the case with gusto and the assistance of his cybernetic dog Halfie and a group of mutants with powers of questionable usefulness. This is Douglas Adams meets Terry Pratchett meets Humphrey Bogart with a bit of swearing thrown in for good measure.