Sobre las Culturas y Civilizaciones Latinoamericanas

  • University Press of America
  • 1999
  • Paperback
  • 432
  • spa
  • 1
  • 9780761815419

Unique among textbooks, Sobre Las Culturas Y Civilizaciones Latinoamericanas not only describes the history of Latin America, it sets a mood that allows the reader to get real sense of the languages, cultures, and civilizations that comprise this complex and colorful land. It provides an account of how Columbus's voyages gave rise to utopian dreams, the ramifications of which led to a brilliant display of hybrid cultures, changed the ethnic composition of two continents, accelerated lines of commerce, and refashioned the Western World's diet. After discussing the topographical features and ethnic composition of Latin America, author Floyd Merrell takes the reader through the "discovery," conquest, and colonization of the New World and on to independence and the national period. In the process, he recreates the mood of Latin America with the idea that this will help the reader gain insight into the hopes and fears, as well as the joys and sorrows, of an industrious but long-suffering people. Added features of this textbook are the lists of general concepts, important terms, questions, and topics for classroom debate that accompany each chapter. Comprehensive in scope and compelling in its approach, this text chronicles the history of an important region in a way that will excite students and teachers alike. (TEXT IN SPANISH)

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