Social Work

  • SAGE Publications Ltd
  • 2002
  • Paperback
  • 180
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  • 1
  • 9780761972518

'I was impressed by Fook's ability to introduce and explain complex concepts in a clear and very readable way yet without oversymplifying them ...the book provides a good overall introduction to the concepts of postmodern and critical social work and provides a challenging and interesting read that might just remind us why we joined the social work profession in the first place' - Child and Family Social Work 'The book is extremely accessible and is likely to engage readers in both the ideas and their application. Fook does her best to ensure that complicated concepts can be understood and their implications for social workers made clear. In this respect the book provides an excellent contribution to the literature and is likely to be used on a range of professional social work programmes' - Journal of Social Work 'This is a book which inspires a spirit of hope, and a belief in the possibility of change (for the better), through social work intervention.It is all the more valuable because it acts as an important resource for practitioners, offering them concrete ways of achieving positive outcomes' - International Social Work In Social Work: Critical Theory and Practice Jan Fook provides a textbook that is organized with a reflective approach to social work.
The discussion and description of theories and practices is interspersed with exercises which engage the reader in an interactive process of thinking about these ideas. In this way the reader is encouraged to develop his or her own ideas, using the material covered in the book. Written in an engaging and accessible style this book and its innovative quality attempts to forge new models for practice which are relevant in changing contexts. This work is essential reading for students on qualifying and post-qualifying social work courses, as well as for practitioners.

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