A Sociology of Shame and Blame

  • Palgrave Pivot
  • 2019
  • 0
  • English
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  • 9783030231439

This book presents a novel approach to framing the concept of stigma, and understanding why and how it functions.  Graham Scambler extends his analysis beyond common social interactionist understandings of stigma by linking experiences to the larger social structure—the political economy. A Sociology of Shame and Blame contends that stigma is being ‘weaponised’ as part of a calculated political strategy favouring capital accumulation over justice, and addresses how the shame associated with stigma has taken on the additional dimension of blame through micro-interactions. The unique Insider-Outsider approach that Scambler harnesses draws on micro and macro social theory to identify links between the prevalence of stigma and agency, culture and structure, and will be an original and key reference point for students and scholars across the social and behavioural sciences, including, but not limited to, sociology, anthropology, psychology, public health and social policy.