Special Needs in the Secondary School

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 242
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  • 9781138597754

First published in 1989. The 1984 Act and the Warnock Report urged greater integration of pupils with special needs into ordinary schools. This book examines how schools cope with a wide variety of special needs - ranging from emotional and behavioural problems to physical disabilities and including the problem faced by gifted children - and assesses how successful the integration of children with special needs can be for both teachers and pupils.

The author recommends the whole school approach where heads, form teachers, subject teachers, the special needs departments and parents work together in making the curriculum as accessible to as many students as possible. The whole school approach enables the fullest participation of all the children in the life of the school whatever their special needs.

This book provides an extremely clear-sighted and positive analysis of integration and will be invaluable to all heads and teachers teaching, remediating or counselling children with special needs.

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