• 2009
  • Hardback
  • 676
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  • 9781591584216

The pleasures of mystery novels and speculative fiction double when the two genres meet in a single book. Placing a compelling mystery story within a paranormal context adds even more mystery to the story. While these books are popular with readers, locating them can be a challenge. They do not fit into any single category, so they get scattered through collections and store shelves, with some series shelved in science fiction, some in horror, and some in mystery. Organized alphabetically by author name and series title, this detailed guide offers readers a one-stop reference and resource to approximately 700 supernatural and speculative mysteries, with most (about 80 percent) being series titles. It covers mysteries crossed with various types of speculative fiction, including: Mysteries with a future settings; mysteries involving sorcery; mysteries set in other worlds; mysteries featuring ghosts; and mysteries featuring vampires. Focus is on the best, most representative, most current and easily accessible publications, with an emphasis on series novels. Most have been released in the past decade, with select classic speculative mysteries also annotated.
Each series entry names the scene of the crime; identifies the detective and his or her chief associates; notes the series premise; comments on characteristics, features, and overall series quality; and discusses the critical response. Individual series titles (The Cases) are then listed and described in series (or chronological) order. Additional access to titles is provided through detailed indexes (book titles, protagonist names, series titles and genres crossed). Academic, public, and high school librarians will welcome this guide as a valuable reference, readers' advisory, and collection development tool. For those who want to read speculative mysteries in sequence, this is an essential guide; and for those seeking background information on speculative mysteries to guide their reading or collection

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