Summary: B2B

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  • 2013
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  • 9782806224934

The must-read summary of Michael Cunningham's book: &quote;B2B: How To Build a Profitable E-Commerce Strategy&quote;. This complete summary of the ideas from Michael Cunningham's book &quote;B2B&quote; shows that there are huge advantages in B2B e-commerce that have come about thanks to the dynamic marketplace at our fingertips. The trick is not to hang around. Now is the time to act and get involved, becoming a leader and pioneer rather than a second rate follower. Amongst the many advantages to B2B the book lists e-commerce, the speed and quality of communication between firms, the reduction of transactional expenses and the increased buying power of the two firms. This summary helps you take immediate action by outlining the steps you need to take. B2B is a really indispensible guide to incorporating B2B e-commerce into your company's strategy. Added-value of this summary: * Save time * Understand the key concepts * Increase your business knowledgeTo learn more, read &quote;B2B&quote; and discover how to go about things the right way, and fast.