Summary: Left at the Altar

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  • 2017
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  • 9782511001158

The must-read summary of Michael Sean Winters's book: &quote;Left at the Altar: How the Democrats Lost the Catholics and How the Catholics Can Save the Democrats&quote;.This complete summary of &quote;Left at the Altar&quote; by Michael Sean Winters, a prominent Catholic journalist, explores the author's view that the alliance between the Democrats and the Catholics should be revived. He discusses how Catholics have drifted from their traditional core values of peace and social justice and how their vote could be decisive for the Democrats in the 21st century.Added-value of this summary:* Save time* Understand the Catholic vote in the US* Expand your knowledge of American politicsTo learn more, read &quote;Left at the Altar&quote; and discover how the Democrats lost the Catholic vote and how it can be reclaimed.