Surveying the Courtroom

  • John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • 1999
  • Hardback
  • 216
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  • 9780471318408

An outstanding reference that demystifies the legal process for expert witnesses in land and natural resource disputes A vast and complex body of laws surrounds the ownership and disposition of land resources today--so it is no wonder that land experts who assist in land and natural resource disputes often find themselves grappling with the challenging intricacies of the modern legal process. This book offers a vital road map through the labyrinth of civil laws and procedures that professionals who assist in such cases must navigate. In Surveying the Courtroom, Second Edition, John Briscoe explains--in plain English--all pertinent rules of evidence and procedure. From the filing of a complaint to its resolution, he guides you through each phase of a land or natural resource lawsuit, clearly describing the land expert's role at each step along the way. He supplies numerous fascinating and instructive case studies and vignettes to illustrate his points and to better prepare you for crucial developments that may arise during the course of a trial.
He also provides copious references to applicable codes, statutes, and court decisions, making it easier for you to find the resources needed to verify or refute points, or to arrive at a more profound understanding of a particular subject. Surveying the Courtroom, Second Edition is an indispensable working resource for land surveyors, title abstractors, property appraisers, geologists, hydrologists, geographers, oceanographers, civil and environmental engineers, and all other professionals who are called upon to help courts reach decisions in land and natural resource disputes.

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