Sweet and Sinful

  • Aphrodisia
  • 2008
  • 272
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780758234100

Two young women in the great big city find they have the same problem: office relationships are a definite no-no, but there's always a way to bend the rules--for the right man. . .. Just Like Candy. . .Compared to Candy, her across-the-cubicle coworker, Courtney Baxter is shy. She wouldn't mind being just like Candy, and she's invested in a new wardrobe that practically screams seduce me. Suddenly Courtney has more men ready to hop into her bed than she ever imagined, including Blaine Daly. The man is sexy as sin with a body to match--and he'll go to any extreme to please her. . . Hard Candy. . .Sensual and flamboyant, Candy Masterson has never made a secret of her love for sex and the male physique. But until Ty Louis came into her life, she didn't think she'd find a man who could satisfy her every need--and he just so happens to live in her apartment complex. How convenient. Sheet-scorching sex and torrid romance, coming right up. . . Praise for Jodi Lynn Copeland and her novels. . .&quote;Seriously hot!&quote; --Romantic Times &quote;Fantastic. . .smoldering-hot scenes. . .that will have you reaching for a cold glass of water. . .a great read.&quote; --Romantic Times &quote;Copeland knows how to deliver red-hot sensuality.&quote; --All About Romance