Take Two And Call Me in the Morning

  • Morgan James Publishing
  • 2016
  • 0
  • English
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781614483243

A thirty day cure for the pain of leadership headaches. How does that sound? There is not a leader out there that has not felt the &quote;pain of leadership headaches.&quote; Indeed, what you have here is a collection of messages that are offered as a prescription for those who find that leadership makes them feel sick, even debilitated. Being a leader is a challenge for anyone who ever wore the mantel of &quote;boss.&quote; Every day is a challenge, as we encounter issues that test our judgment and at times, our patience. We call the doctor when we feel sick. Gerry Czarnecki has been &quote;doctoring&quote; leaders for a long time and concludes that what leaders need is the confidence in what they already know; which is having enough confidence to take the action in the face of uncertainty. Gerry gives you a dose of the remedy for this pain and frustration that every leader faces. These readings are short, yet loaded with experience. They include Gerry's years of experience leading and coaching, as well as the experience of many who came before you, with real life problems. Indeed, if you have been leading for any period of time, you will recognize many of the circumstances. One caution, do not read this book in one sitting. That would be like taking a whole bottle of aspirin at one time. Take each section one day at a time, as the book is formatted for this type of reading. Let that message settle in and get into your &quote;blood stream&quote; so that it can influence your thinking slowly, but surely. Learning in small doses can give you time to think---and I want you to think.