Tales from Ancient Egypt

  • Cascade Books
  • 2010
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  • 114
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  • 9781725244924

The Egyptian tales witness to some of the great moments in the history of Egyptian literature and represent the earliest beginnings in world literature. Many literary critics do not seem to know the importance of Egyptian prose tales told for entertainment (including C. S. Lewis, who does not know that the &quote;marvelous that knows itself as myth&quote; was alive and well by 1800 BCE). Unlike some other ancient states, both Israel and Egypt wrote epic tales in prose. And these great prose stories are important for the study of the Hebrew Bible. Some of the most exciting narrative prose parallels to the Hebrew Bible are found in the stories from Egypt. The details may vary, but in the setting, the purpose, the vocabulary, and the genre of the stories, one can find many similarities. Contents1 The Story of Sinuhe: A Wanderer on the Earth 2 The Enchanted Prince 3 The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor4 The Journey of Wen-Amon5 A Dialogue between a Man and His Ba