Team Dynamics and Diversity

  • CBS Press
  • 2021
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  • 9788763003742

This case
book addresses team dynamics and diversity in business management in
multinational businesses in Tokyo.

dynamics concern the teams’ business challenges of staying competitive and
sustainable in terms of profit, people and planet. The diversity challenges
concern collaboration in teams with different cultures, leadership styles,
resources, capabilities, drivers and performance goals.

The case
corporations are Bang & Olufsen, Ecco, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, Microsoft,
Sony and Huawei. The Danish companies are outstanding in their advanced values
of work-life balance, while American companies have explicit and detailed
diversity policies, and Chinese corporations inspire with an unprecedented
drive for results and straightforward pragmatic business ways. All are
concerned with sustainability, competitiveness and the well-being of their
employees. The first interviews and Tokyo team talks were done in 2012 and
again in 2021 thus providing a rare longitudinal perspective.

the teams could represent any global business unit, Japan provides an
interesting local setting for studying teams, particularly in light of its
contributions to management history. The Japanese are world renowned for their
teamwork, with attention to detail, efficiency and work philosophy of
continuous improvement (Lean).

multinational teams also provide a platform for studying the effects of the
Japanese government's initiatives of going green as well as including
international talent and the female workforce in their drive for progress in
the circular economy.

any market, not least the Japanese provides substantial opportunities as well
as challenges for international companies. The selection of the right teams, as
we shall see, is of utmost importance towards reaching business goals.

The book aims at bachelor, masters, MBA and executive students in management studies
with a focus on organization, communication and competence. Business
professionals will also find inspiration and insights applicable to their own
organizations concerning high-performing team dynamics and cross-cultural