Terrorism and the International Business Environment

  • 2004
  • 253
  • eng
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  • 9781845420772

This book was born from the editor`s conviction that a wide set of contributors should provide the economic and corporate sectors with guidelines, developed from rigorous research and case studies, to analyse those adjustments made necessary through international terrorism, as known since September 11th 2001. It argues that corporate asset protection and accurate business risk assessment is vital to the longevity, and resilience of business. The volume reveals how the pre-9/11-era of contemporary economic history gave birth to a nexus of a) globalization b) increased systemic vulnerability and complexity and c) the transitions of terrorism. As a result, the post-9/11-era is one which should incorporate risk analysis audits on a regular basis, political and geopolitical risk research, the use of quantitative risk assessment and qualitative risk analysis to implement risk strategy planning, its management and appropriate risk transfer considerations. The formulated call of this work is for diplomacy and business to incorporate the knowledge and lessons of international threat, security and disaster. Their management may reveal important competitive advantages in the long run. Terrorism and the International Business Environment will appeal to a wide audience of risk strategists, CEOs of MNCs, credit risk analysts, as well as academics of international business and politics.