• The University of Chicago Press
  • 1996
  • Hardback
  • 228
  • yid
  • 1
  • 9780226069265

Thinking in Jewish


How does one "think" in Jewish? What does it mean to speak in English of Yiddish as Jewish, as a certain intermediary generation of immigrants and children of immigrants from Jewish Eastern Europe has done? A fascination with this question prompted Jonathan Boyarin, a thinker in critical theory and Jewish ethnography, to offer the Jewish perspective on the vexed issue of identity politics presented here. Boyarin's essays explore the ways in which a Jewish - or, more particularly, Yiddish - idiom complicates the question of identity. Ranging from explorations of a Lower East Side synagogue to Fichte's and Derrida's contrasting notions of the relation between the Jews and the idea of Europe, from the Lubavitch Hasidim to accounts of self-making by Judith Butler and Charles Taylor, "Thinking in Jewish" is intended for students of critical theory, cultural studies and Jewish studies. Jonathan Boyarin is the author of "Storm from Paradise: The Politics of Jewish Memory" and is the editor of "The Ethnography of Reading and Remapping Memory: The Politics of TimeSpace"

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