Through the Shadowlands

  • Rodale Books
  • 2017
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  • 9781623367664

Julie Rehmeyer felt like she was going to the desert to die.Julie fully expected to be breathing at the end of the tripbut driving into Death Valley felt like giving up, surrendering. Shed spent years battling a mysterious illness so extreme that she often couldnt turn over in her bed. The top specialists in the world were powerless to help, and research on her disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, was at a near standstill. Having exhausted the plausible ideas, Julie turned to an implausible one. Going against both her instincts and her training as a science journalist and mathematician, she followed the advice of strangers shed met on the Internet. Their theorythat mold in her home and possessions was making her sickstruck her as wacky pseudoscience. But they had recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome as severe as hers.To test the theory that toxic mold was making her sick, Julie drove into the desert alone, leaving behind everything she owned. She wasnt even certain she was well enough to take care of herself once she was there. She felt stripped not only of the life shed known, but any future she could imagine.With only her scientific savvy, investigative journalism skills, and dog, Frances, to rely on, Julie carved out her own path to wellnessand uncovered how shocking scientific neglect and misconduct had forced her and millions of others to go it alone. In stunning prose, she describes how her illness transformed her understanding of science, medicine, and spirituality. Through the Shadowlands brings scientific authority to a misunderstood disease and spins an incredible and compelling story of tenacity, resourcefulness, acceptance, and love.