Topological Quantum Matter

  • Springer Nature Switzerland AG
  • 2018
  • Paperback
  • 81
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  • 9783030072469

This book offers a theoretical description of topological matter in terms of effective field theories, and in particular topological field theories, focusing on two main topics: topological superconductors and topological insulators.Even though there is vast literature on these subjects, the book fills an important gap by providing a concise introduction to both topological order and symmetry-protected phases using a modern mathematical language, and developing the theoretical concepts by highlighting the physics and the physical properties of the systems. Further, it discusses in detail the topological interactions for topologically ordered matter, and the response to smooth external fields for symmetry protected matter.

The book also covers more specialized topics that cannot be found elsewhere. Specifically, the response of superconductors to geometry, including the newly discovered geo-Meissner effect; and a correction to the usual Meissner effect, only present in the topologically interesting chiral superconductors.

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