• AuthorHouse
  • 2010
  • 284
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781452080321

Tourniquet is a gripping, hair-raising tale about the age-old conflict in the Middle East. It portrays an unthinkable yet plausible scenario leading to a no-win holocaust if the present situation goes unresolved. In his crisp, unique writing style, Monson proceeds to link the Middle East to the flash-point of the American border with Mexico. Fly with Israeli Air Force Daniel Kaplan as he protects Haifa Bay from the cold-blooded Osvaldo Sabino deep in the water below / Partner with Senator Madena as he flies to Mexico City with the Presidents plan for the Mexican borderhis Tourniquet / Hear A.E. Smith debate his love of the beautiful Alicia Roth, architect of the Tourniquet . . . and a Jew / Crash through the Mexican out-back with A.E. and Hector as they search for Alicia, captured and wounded by a band of Osvaldos outlaws / Live the suspense as in 2017 a plan is hatched to destroy the entire coastal Middle East / Escape the Mediterranean aboard the USS Kitty Hawk / See the bombing of the Gold Key Casino in Laughlin / Feel the heat as Alicia learns her real-estate father used her to engage in insider-trading / Warm to A.E. and Alicia as they dance and romance at the Cotton Ball in Memphis / Fly with Major Kaplan as he rescues a special artifact from ruins in Jerusalem / Marvel at Dr. Sobols spectacular museum on the El Sasabe river / And join the celebration as the great diversity that is Tourniquet comes together in a thrilling and amazing conclusion.