Trickster's Many Roles in Myth, Dream, & the Evolution of Consciousness

Af Taylor & Jeremy
  • BookBaby
  • 2012
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  • 9781623096441

&quote;TRICKSTER'S Many Roles in Myth, Dream, & the Evolution of Consciousness&quote; is a comic book - a &quote;graphic novel&quote; - a creative product of decades of study and active work in the streets of many communities all over the world. Everyone dreams (whether or not these dreams are remembered consciously), and ALL our dreams are ultimately concerned symbolically with the deepest possible meanings & implications of our lives & loves - both individual & collective. The only way to do justice to the multiple layers of meaning & implication in all dreams & sacred narratives is to encounter these meanings in the form of gripping & attention grabbing stories, & Trickster stories are among the most amusing & most powerful in terms of altering and evolving conscious self-awareness. The Trickster's best trick is always to persuade prematurely closed & mistakenly literalistic consciousness to participate in actions and interactions that lead to new & expanded understanding & perspective.