Triumphs in Early Autism Treatment

  • Springer Publishing Company
  • 2009
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  • 224
  • English
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  • 9780826159960

&quote;Both parents and professionals who work with young children with autism should read this book.&quote; --Temple Grandin, author, Thinking in Pictures (From the Foreword) &quote;To Miss Molly, before you started with an ABA program, we couldn't sing to you , we couldn't talk too loud, or even play music. Now you are in the drama club, dance classes, and on stage singing at the school talent show!!! I'm so proud of you.&quote; --Mother of Molly Martin, featured in Chapter 4 Triumphs in Early Autism Treatment offers a wealth of insight and hope to both parents and clinicians. This book documents the latest research that shows that children who receive Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment consistently progress in skill development. This groundbreaking treatment has allowed numerous children to reach the &quote;best outcome status,&quote; a level of normal intellectual and educational functioning. In essence, they become indistinguishable from their peers in everyday life. A must-read for parents and clinicians, this book is the first to document &quote;best outcome&quote; case studies using exclusively ABA treatment. Key Features: First-hand accounts of the intellectual and behavioral progress of seven autistic children, written in a narrative style by the ABA professionals who conducted the consultationsContributors include Audrey Gifford, who is both a professional Behavioral Analyst and a parent of an autistic child who received ABA treatment Overview of autism research prior to ABA and an introduction to the development of the methodAnalysis of ABA treatment demonstrating why ABA is the most effective of all treatment methods