True Wealth of Nations

  • 2014
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  • 9781447686859

Imaginative economic schemes have led to a bubble economy. A fictitious economy has been created that does not create new true wealth but does serve a smart elite by transferring the &quote;right of wealth&quote; to them. The reason why our society has increased in wealth is not &quote;money&quote; but because with time the accumulated sum of new ideas encapsulated in new technology has grown. Thus true wealth can only be created by new ideas - and the correct type of ideas, those that give us what we truly need. Money is in this sense only one small part of the millions of ideas and inventions that support our way of living today. This book outlines an engineering approach of how we can model our society. This way we can illustrate what is wrong so that we can get back to a focus on creating true wealth - rather than imaginative new economic schemes built on concepts where &quote;money&quote; is essential. Only by changing how we think about economic matters can we break free from the prison of economic thoughts that today dominate us.