University of Wisconsin Basketball

Af Anderson & Dave
  • Arcadia Publishing
  • 2006
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  • eng
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  • 9781439642580

The University of Wisconsin owns one of the greatest basketball histories in the United States. That is the bold claim author Dave Anderson makes,and backs up,in this stunning book. With fascinating photographs and compelling research, Anderson reveals the first golden era, 1900-1941, when University of Wisconsin men dominated college basketball. He adds in wonderful Badger women's basketball, an exciting second golden era, historic game programs, the transition from tiny Red Gym to majestic Kohl Center, and more. In the end, after spanning over 100 years of legendary players and coaches from Christian Steinmetz, Emmett Angell, Dr. Walter &quote;Doc&quote; Meanwell, and Albert &quote;Ab&quote; Nicholas up to Michael Finley, Alando Tucker, Jane Albright-Dieterle, Bo Ryan, and more, readers will agree,the University of Wisconsin does own one of the greatest basketball histories there is.