Us Foreign Policy and China in the 21st Century

  • Edinburgh University Press
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 224
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  • 9781474453059

Examining the 21st century presidencies of the United States and their comparative policies, strategies, attitudes and behaviours towards the People's Republic of China.

Comprehensively examines the three 21st Century U.S. presidential administrations and their foreign policies toward China
Provides a detailed analysis of Trump's first term in office
Focuses on the key security challenges relating to, among others, Chinese military modernization, South and East China Seas, the Indo-Pacific region, the Belt and Road Initiative, nuclear modernization

This book draws critical attention to the core security challenges that have defined U.S. foreign policy in relation to China and its rise on the international stage. During the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama the traditional safeguards and stabilizers to strategic competition were broadly adhered to, albeit in some cases not without great difficulty. Under the leadership of Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping, however, these bulwarks have alarmingly diminished. Abrupt departures in engagement platforms and asserting regional defensive postures have become the new norms.

With brevity and nuance, this book provides much needed connective tissue in examining these departures and their antecedents across the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. It reveals Washington and Beijing are moving towards a new period where, unlike previous ones, this one will be characterised by an amplified preponderance of competition, and the enhanced probability of conflict and confrontation.

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