Well-Being: Expanding the Definition of Progress

  • Oxford University Press Inc
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 224
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  • 9780190080495

Cities and countries around the world, from New Zealand to Singapore to Iceland, are starting to take a well-being approach by reorienting policies, budgets and other actions to advance human and planetary well-being. Well-being metrics-holistic measurements of an individual's or population's capacity to thrive, including the condition of their community, society, and environment-provide a nuanced and predictive view that transcends purely economic measures; they
illuminate conditions of inequity and despair that other tools ignore, and expand the notion of health beyond simply the absence of disease.

Well-Being: Expanding the Definition of Progress summarizes the experiences and insights of practitioners, researchers and innovators from around the world, gathered together by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to explore how a well-being approach might further spread in the United States. Centered in the commitment to balance economic growth-the traditional dashboard of progress-with well-being, this book is a combination of scientific papers, case studies from the field, and
excerpts from a lively, multidisciplinary discussion which intentionally connects issues of measurement to the imperative for action. Rich with insights on policy and practice, narratives and culture, equity and shifts in power, alignment with other movements, and cross-sector collaboration, it is intended to
inspire governmental leaders, policymakers, economists, measurement scientists, reporters, and others who crave a more integrated and balanced pursuit of progress.

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