Where Love Has Gone

  • RosettaBooks
  • 2014
  • 344
  • eng
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  • 9780795341359

<p><b>From the author of <i>The</i> <i>New York Times</i> #1 best-selling novel <i>The Carpetbaggers</i></b> comes a story inspired by the real-life murder of Johnny Stompanato, allegedly stabbed to death by the daughter of his lover, actress Lana Turner. <i>Where Love Has Gone </i>is a thrilling tale of greed, betrayal, and passion. When first published in 1962, the novel rocked Hollywood to its core, staying on <i>The</i> <i>New York Times</i> best sellers list for 14 weeksand it is now for the first time available digitally.</p><p>In love and soon to be a father, Luke Carey has the life hes always wanted. That is, until a mysterious late-night phone call summons him to San Francisco. Lukes first daughter whom he hasnt seen in six years, fourteen-year-old Danielle, needs him, and hes desperate to do anything he can to help. But coming back into Danielles life means facing his ex-wife Nora, and the explosive, violent drama of the life he left behind.</p><p><i>Where Love Has Gone</i> was adapted into the Academy Award-nominated blockbuster film of the same name, starring Oscar winners Bette Davis and Susan Hayward.</p>