Yale 1900-2001

  • The Twentieth Century Project LLC
  • 2013
  • Hardback
  • 556
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  • 1
  • 9780976321408

This slipcased, two-volume set includes:

Yale College * Twentieth Century

A History in Present Time

Beginning in 1900 and concluding with the events of 2001, VOLUME I is a chronological history of Yale College in the twentieth century. Using excerpts drawn primarily from contemporary Yale College publications and from writings and books by Yale College graduates, Volume I portrays the day-to-day life and times at Yale College during the last century. Volume I contains 422 pages and includes over 3,500 photographs and graphic images.

Whiffenpoofs * Twentieth Century

VOLUME II is 154 pages and includes A Musical History by Charles Henry Buck III '69 with Robert Richard Birge '68, an index of Whiffenpoofs from their founding in 1909 to 2004, an index of over 500 Whiffenpoof arrangements, an index of 70 recordings from 1915 to 2004, plus 134 song tracks containing over five hours of music selected from these recordings on four CDs.

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