Your Indoor Herb Garden

  • New Society Publishers
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
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  • English
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  • 9781771423229

The complete how-to guide for growing herbs indoors for health, vitality, and culinary zest.Learn how to grow herbs for health, for taste, and for life with Your Indoor Herb Garden, a comprehensive guide to growing herbs indoors. Featuring all the tips and guidance you'll need to grow and harvest organic culinary and medicinal herbs right in your own home. Coverage includes:Techniques for successfully growing herbs indoorsEquipment, soil types, and feedingWhy indoor herb gardens are an important part of life, from cooking to healingHerbal medicineHerbal history and loreAn annotated glossary of herbs, including their common uses, growing requirements, cautions, and more.Growing herbs indoors leads the list of the healthiest and most useful indoor activities we can do. Herbs can clean the air of toxins, provide oxygen and humidity, and help vanquish our psychoses. And they're tasty!This is the ideal practical guide for gardeners and cooks with an interest in healthy living and fresh flavors looking to create their own indoor herb garden anywhere.Praise for Your Indoor Herb Garden&quote;As a behavioral science expert, I've spent 30 years advising and altering people's behavior. Helping big brands make their brands all that more appealing by tapping into the psychology of consumers. Your Indoor Herb Garden has given me a complete new set of tools with which to alter the moods of consumers, and myself. Anyone interested in human health and wellbeing should get hold of this book immediately. It's frankly brilliant. And there was me thinking herbs were just . . . herbs.&quote; -Phillip Adcock commercial psychologist, author, Master Your Brain&quote;A fascinating, beautifully-illustrated guide to growing and using herbs to enhance your life, from ancient supernatural rituals to present-day cooking and medicinal purposes.&quote; -Janet Kay author, The Sisters&quote;[A] beautiful and easy-to-understand book. From the history of herbs to their medicinal value and the &quote;ins and outs&quote; of using them. Great stuff. Dig in!&quote; -Dr. Al Danenberg periodontist, certified functional medicine practitioner, certified primal health coach