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This volume presents the revised lecture notes of selected talks given at the second Central European Functional Programming School, CEFP 2007, held June 23-30, 2007 at Babe s-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The summer school was organized in the spirit of the advanced progr- ming schools. CEFP focuses on involving an ever-growing number of students, researchers,andteachersfromcentral,andeasternEuropeancountries.We were glad to welcome the invited lecturers and the participants: 15 professors and 30 students from 9 di?erent universities. The intensive program o?ered a creative and inspiring environment and a great opportunity to present and exchange ideas in new topics of functional programming. The lectures covereda wide range of topics like interactive work ?ows for the Web, proving properties of lazy functional programs, lambda calculus and - stract lambda calculus machines, programming in ? mega, object-oriented fu- tional programming, and refactoring in Erlang. We are very grateful to the lecturers and researchers for the time and the e?ort they devoted to the talks and the revised lecture notes. The lecture notes were each carefully checked by reviewers selected from experts of functional programming. Afterwards the papers were revised once more by the lecturers. This revision process guaranteed that only high-quality papers are accepted in the volume of the lecture notes.