The Board

The students continue to be in the center of everything we do. Academic Books was founded by students, and today we consist of six book stores in Copenhagen and one in connection with Roskilde University. The majority of our board is made up of either current or former students, who all represent the students’ interests. The board’s opinion is valued and heard every time a major decision is made. That way we never lose touch with the educational institutions or what it means to be a student. The students on our board helps keeping us on track, and make sure we never compromise with the purpose we’ve been aspiring to preserve ever since our foundation in 1967: to give everyone access to affordable books for their specific curriculum – in the right editions and in time for the start of the semester.



The Board of SL Fond
Thomas Skinnerup
Stud.merc., President of CBS Students.
Jacob Ørum
CEO of Studenterhuset in Copenhagen
Nisse Jakob Krenchel
Cand.merc., innovation manager at Alm. Brand A/S.
Rasmus Kristian Feldthusen
Law professor (KU), cand.jur, ph.d.
Louis Frid Røn
Stud.merc., employee at Danske Bank
Sebastian Boelskov Meyer
Gry Hayhurst
Store manager
Employee representative
Jens-Henrik Larsen
Employee representative
Anders Juhl Gajhede
Cand.mag., produktionschef og manuskriptredaktør hos Samfundslitteratur
Employee representative